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In any business set-up, you want a name your clients will remember. One that makes it clear what you intend to do for them. It doesn’t leave them guessing. Real Flame is a perfect example of that. It offers real, authentic, roaring flames, whether you’re burning gas, timber, or electricity. Real Flame offers fireplaces in all three fuel categories, and here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we have a broad array.

Let’s start with some of Real Flame’s wood-fired heaters in Sydney. Models include Andor, Caldor, Kjell and Ligna. Andor and Kjell are free-standing furnaces while Caldor is built into the wall or inserted in an existing hearth and has a sliding ‘guillotine’ glass door. Ligna (in three styles) has a more traditional mantel design. The Ligna series merges the best conventional and contemporary features. It has an open front (no glass), so the result is cozy and rustic.

It uses heat exchange, a mix of convection and radiation, for effective heat distribution. Its careful design also prevents the loss of excess heat up the chimney. Because there’s no glass door, every Ligna comes with a safety screen and fire grate. But in homage to modern fireplace hygiene, it has an ash catcher for easy cleaning. Its open-front design lowers installation costs.

Gas it up

At the moment, we have more than a dozen Real Flame Sydney gas heaters. One example is their Heatseeker. Like many modern gas fireplaces, it burns with quiet, roaring flames accessorised with fire-bed media. These media are realistic, and you can barely distinguish them from actual burning logs. You’d have to stare at them for a while before you notice the fire isn’t consuming or exhausting them. Heatseeker has media options of faux logs, coals, or pebbles.

The Heatseeker’s aesthetics are flexible too. It has optional styling for your finish, from a traditional classic appeal, with an ‘aged’ mantel, to something more contemporary and metallic, covered in glossy stainless steel. It also has clip-on fronts so you can essentially have a different aesthetic every week, or even every day. Heatseeker is an insert fireplace, so you can install it in an existing fireplace, replace an old heater installation, or build it into a brand new home.

Flash some indoor lightning

Real Flame fireplaces are fully Australian in manufacture and design, and this Heatseeker comes in four sizes, ranging from 600cm to 1,500cm. It has optional power flues of you want to distribute heat to the rest of the house. In the electric space, Real Flame has two models in our showroom: Ignite XL and OptiMyst. Both come in multiple sizes with gorgeous aesthetics. Ignite XL uses multi-flare XD technology to produce surprisingly realistic linear burner flames.

It can be operated by remote, and its glass front runs from edge to edge. It comes in various hues, so you can pick a colour theme that matches your living room décor. Conversely, the Real Flame OptiMyst uses three elements to create that real-burn effect. Ultrasonic technology creates a super-fine mist, which is lit with bulbs to form an illusion of smoke and fire. The base of the fireplace has artificially glowing logs and ash to complete the effect.

To browse our selection of Real Flame models and see what else we have in stock, call Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens on 1300 938 346.


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