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Several families down under are embracing the cottagecore lifestyle. For some, the switch to farmhouse living is for health reasons, seeking an organic lifestyle away from the city. Yet, others are making the switch due to their preferences and taste. Many residents testify that cottagecore living promotes a stress-free, calm lifestyle.

It can be challenging to uproot your city life and move to rural settings. Yet, there are several ways to enjoy the farmhouse lifestyle in Sydney. Incorporating cottagecore living in your modern home can enhance the quality of your life. Here are six ways to integrate the farmhouse aesthetic into your home.

1.      Install Wood burning heaters

You can save several costs when giving your home a rustic appeal. You can use energy-efficient rustic appliances to modify your home décor. Wood burning heaters provide the rustic aesthetic you desire while solving your home heating needs.

Modern wood burning heaters save energy, lower your utility bills and put you back in touch with nature. Your firewood storage units and rustic wood stove give your home an instant farmhouse aesthetic. With sustainably sourced firewood, you can play a part in saving the environment.

2.      Build an outdoor pizza oven

Enhance your dining experience with woodfired pizza ovens. Cottagecore lifestyles embrace outdoor dining. By building an outdoor pizza oven, you can entertain your guests outside while you prepare their meals.

Also, pizza ovens give you the versatility to make several types of meals. You can bake, roast, grill or slow cook any meal you desire. With the recent health and safety measures, outdoor dining and entertainment are very popular.

3.      Merge indoor and outdoor living

You can carry the rustic dining experience into your home by merging the outdoor and indoor environments. Using indoor plants to brighten your living space is an effective way to bring in the outdoors.

You can take the house plant experience a step further by growing a living wall in your lounge or deck. Living walls refresh the air and ambience of your room and give you the feeling of being outside.

4.      Use cottage décor and accessories

If you live in a rental unit, your remodelling options may be limited. As such, you can incorporate the cottagecore aesthetic with your décor accessories.  Farmhouse furniture, pictures, candle holders, rugs and tablecloths can transform your living space to suit your desires.

5.      Acquire farmhouse kitchenware

Your cottagecore accessories can have functional as well as aesthetic value. You can acquire farmhouse kitchenware at garage sales and specialist stores. Using wooden cooking spoons, clay cooking pots and mason jars for mugs transforms your dining experience. Your meal choices and crockery can transport your guests to the rustic countryside without leaving Sydney.

6.      Grow an organic kitchen garden

Crown your rustic experience by growing an organic kitchen garden in Sydney. Many people desire the farmhouse lifestyle because of its health benefits. Your kitchen garden gives you control over the quality of your meals and creates the ultimate farmhouse aesthetic. Growing herbs, vegetables and spices are ideal for kitchen gardens of varying sizes.

 To sum up, if you cannot move your home to the rural farmlands, you still have the chance to live the cottagecore lifestyle in Sydney. Using natural lighting solutions and wood stoves are among several non-intrusive ways to transform your living space. You can even change your diet and hobbies to suit a rustic lifestyle.

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