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There are so many ways you can cook food, with just about every culture or country having its own way of preparing food. One of the most loved and popular foods around the world is pizza from a wood fired pizza oven. Surprise your friends this summer and instead of a traditional barbeque of steaks and sausages – ditch the BBQ and have your friends around to feast on a range of pizza’s made by you and cooked in a wonderful wood fired pizza oven.

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Pizza ovens have become a popular *staple* in many Aussie back yards – so let’s take a look at why….

  • Wood fired ovens actually attain a much higher temperature. It’s a pretty well known fact that Italian chefs have always preferred the traditional wood fire ovens, and the reason they prefer them is because they reach a much higher temperature than an electric or gas pizza oven. It’s this higher temperature that actually changes the dynamics of cooking for the better. When you are cooking pizza it’s this higher temperature that allows the pizza dough to rise more rapidly. If the dough cooks a little faster, it means the pizza base will be crispy on the outside while remaining tender on the inside. The dough – if cooked in a wood fire pizza oven actually has a much better texture than one cooked in a conventional oven.
  • Wood fire ovens provide a more even distribution of heat – cooks and chefs love for their foods to be cooked evenly and this happens because the heat inside a wood oven is uniform and not inconsistent. It’s the uniform temperatures from a wood fired oven that gives food that kind of consistency that you just can’t achieve with modern electric or gas ovens.
  • Wood fired ovens give you a lovely smoky aroma and flavour – using wood rather than fuel inside an oven gives it its own specific *charm* and you’ll find food that is cooked inside a wood fired oven almost always has a lovely smoky flavour.
  • Wood fired ovens are more economical than modern ovens – most of the truly authentic Italian restaurants all around the world use a wood fired oven and while this does add a certain *quality* to the food being cooked wood fired ovens are significantly more economical than modern ovens. Once started a wood fired oven can last the whole day with minimal use of wood because they can retain and channel the heat efficiently.
  • Wood fired ovens are fun! Wood fired ovens are popping up in backyards all around Australia and in addition to all the above they are great for outdoor parties and when in use they are fun to watch, but be careful your pizza oven may end up becoming the star attraction of your party!