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Your indoor-outdoor area is gorgeous all year round. It takes the distinct style inside your home and extends it outdoors. It’s also a convenient entertainment space, allowing you the pleasure of hosting guests without the additional labour of having them inside the house itself. Plus, knowing they’ll be in one central area makes post-party clean-up so much easier.

This is an especially helpful option now that the holidays are coming. You’ll probably be hosting a lot, so consider sprucing up your alfresco area. If you don’t already have one, you could invest in an outdoor kitchen. Here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we have both customised and standard options, built-in or free-standing and portable. One top-selling model is our conveniently named Alfresco Australia Outdoor Kitchen.


Easy to install

It’s a DIY set-up and includes doors of 5mm tempered glass, aluminium cabinets, and granite countertops. You can accessorise it with compatible add-ons like sinks and mini-fridges. They’re easily available on the market and we can help you find options that go with your Alfresco kitchen. You could also consider installing an outdoor wood pizza oven. All our pizza ovens can be assembled on your own, and have an attractive dome shape. You can buy a rustic clay finish or a contemporary version topped with a glossy stainless steel cowl.

Now that you’ve spruced up your cooking tools, it’s time to work on the rest of your dining area. Alfresco areas are mostly used for afternoon BBQs, but when your guests are really enjoying themselves, the party may stretch after dark. You probably have outdoor lights already, for those occasions when you want a quiet dinner under the stars. To stay in the holiday spirit, you could hang string lights or fairy lights in Christmas colours.

You could – in essence – turn your entire indoor-outdoor area into a tasteful ‘Christmas tree’. The trick is to keep it light and subtle so it doesn’t end up looking gaudy. For example, you could string sparkly baubles on overhangs and arches. (It’s also a good spot for mistletoe.) Just make sure nothing is suspended next to your cook-stops, because they could easily become a fire hazard. If you’d like to go all out, you could repaint your space in red, green, and silver for the season.


Sweet and subtle

This can feel drastic though, especially as you may have to repaint them in January.  So as a less dramatic option, consider fabric drapes. Velvety, silky, or satiny ones are nice for evenings, because they have a nice sparkle. But you can also go for canvas and khaki. They’re easier to clean and can withstand the inevitable holiday stains better than delicate drapes. Alternatively, you could opt for something simpler – like seasonally shaded accessories.

Coloured plastic chairs, benches, and lampshades are a quieter way to introduce the holidays to your alfresco area. You can co-mingle reds, whites, and greens. And they can be re-used in less Christmassy combinations after the holidays are over. The rest can be stacked in a store until they’re needed again. With these quick tips, you’re ready for festive outdoor hosting.

For outdoor kitchen appliances that are both beautiful and functional, call Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens today on 1300 938 346.

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