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Father’s Day is on the horizon, and it’s time to show your dad some appreciation! He’s the man in your life that has been there from day one, to pick you up when you fall along the way, to helping you buy your first car and then helping you move house. Father’s Day is a great time to show him that you acknowledge his help over the years.

At Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we recognise the importance of Father’s Day, so we’ve come up with an amazing Father’s Day promotion so you can spoil your dad and give him all the tools necessary to start churning out good old gourmet wood-fired pizzas.

So this August, when you purchase any Alfresco Factory Oven or DIY kit we will throw in a bunch of goodies that will make your dad’s eyes light up and ignite his passion for outdoor cooking. We will include an infrared thermometer, outdoor magic pizza cutter, and Alfresco factory pizza paddle for free. That’s $120 worth of freebies that will ensure your dad has all the tools in his arsenal to start pumping out piping hot pizzas from his brand new wood-fired pizza oven!

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If your dad is anything like mine, he would barely set foot in the kitchen, but the mere mention of the word barbecue would make his ears prick up, and he would be wheeling the grill out into the backyard. Yep, dad loved to barbecue, or cook anything that involved fire and the outdoors – he was keen as a bean. When he was cooking outdoors, he was in his element. He wasn’t the greatest chef, but his enthusiasm made up for his lack of skill.

A pizza oven will give him another reason to get primal, light a fire and get outdoors and start cooking. An outdoor pizza oven is the ideal gift for the outdoor cooking enthusiast and adds another element, another dish to the table at those family barbecues.

In this day and age, dads don’t often get the chance to get back to their primal roots and show off their masculinity. An outdoor pizza oven will give him the opportunity to chop some wood, start a fire and get cooking. The whole process will allow him to exercise his love for outdoor cooking and getting creative in the kitchen.

Our range of outdoor pizza ovens are a great addition to the outdoor entertainment area and will serve your father well over the years. They are built tough and are of quality construction, something that fathers really do appreciate. Our wood-fired pizza ovens are old school and have a rustic charm that your dad will appreciate. He will show off to his mates as they are sitting around having a cold one in the backyard, watching, waiting for a delicious wood-fired pizza.

So this Father’s Day, treat your father to a wood-fired pizza oven, and we will gladly throw in a great range of accessories all for free! Remember this promotion is for the month of August only, so jump on our website and check out these stunning pizza ovens.