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When winter hits, it hits hard and fast. The cool air creeps in as fast as you can find a pair of thermals and make a hot cup of tea. That’s why it’s super important to get the jump on old Jack Frost and be prepared by purchasing a heater – but not just any old heater. When choosing a heater for your home, one must take into consideration the size of the area you wish to warm and the style of heater that will suit your needs.

You’ll also take into consideration which fuel source you would like to burn. It’s all a matter of personal choice – some people prefer a more traditional wood heater whereas people who don’t have time to mess around with firewood may prefer gas or electricity. Regardless of the fuel source, your heater should be energy efficient.

In this post we will take a look at the super-energy-efficient Alderlea range.

The Alderlea ranges are wood-fuelled heaters and stove tops that combine traditional aesthetics with modern features and create a versatile, energy efficient heating that’s ideal for the long cold winters.

The Alderlea T4

The Alderlea T4 is the baby of the family, but don’t let its quaint size fool you. This heater has a 4-star energy rating which is massive for a wood burning heater. The T4 features a high tech multi-port air injection system that allows you ultimate control of your heating requirements. It also has a cooktop and swing out food warming shelves, so you create delicious wood-fired treats while basking in the warmth around the fire. The easy to use ash disposal system makes light work of cleaning. The T4 is solid and durable. You can tell Alderlea really put time and effort into the design and construction. It feels solid as a rock.

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The Alderlea T5

Ok, now onto the next size up. The Alderlea T5 comes in a standalone or built-in unit and combines the charm of yesteryear with modern energy efficiency. The T5 is a great heater and cooktop in the one unit. It has a whopping 74 per cent efficiency so it will keep your house toasty and warm. It can heat up to 220 metres square which is adequate for your average home. With the right fuel source, you get a 12-hour burn from a single load of wood. The floating firebox will ensure that your fireplace stands the test of time and lasts for countless winters to come. It features a Boost air system for easy lighting and the famous Alderlea quality assurance. It’s a great mid-sized unit with high heat output.

The Alderlea T6

This one is the big daddy of the Alderlea T6 range. The T6 is the go-to heater and stove for keeping large spaces warm on those freezing winter nights. This highly efficient beast has an 80.5 per cent efficiency tested output and has no problem keeping up with the most rigorous demands. It features all the goodies of its smaller counterparts such as a cooktop and warming racks. The T6 uses EBT, extended burn technology, to ensure the fire keeps on burning all night long.

The Alderlea range of wood-fired heaters are of quality construction and do what they are designed to do, and that’s to keep you toasty and warm efficiently, saving you money on wood in the long run. Feel free to browse our website or contact us directly at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens and our staff will gladly listen to your needs and find the best heating solution for your home.