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The concept of a fireplace is one that awakens both warmth and nostalgia. But we live in a technological world where old isn’t always gold. Sometimes, you want a little dose of new in your space, or at the very least, try a little mix-and-match decor. The beauty of modern gas furnaces is they can combine a traditional look with modern mechanics.

Wood fire heaters can give your house lovely ambience, but they are cumbersome to light, and they take a while to heat up. They can also be smoky, and they require extra storage space for your fuelling logs. The main advantage that gas burners offer here is that they produce instant heat. All you do is switch them on. No poking at logs or fussing with kindling. Just a twist or a tap to get it on and another to turn it off.

Because we offer such a wide range of gas heaters, Sydney residents have made us their go-to showroom when they need to heat things up, and we hope you will too. Our line of Real Flame Gas Heaters has a model to suit every style and budget, from just under $1,000 to over $7,000. We have everything from simple glass panelling to steel and brick casings.

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If you already have a fireplace and chimney, you don’t necessarily need an ornately encased furnace. You can retain your old-school style with a burner-only set-up. Our Magiglo series of stand-alone burners are designed to fit snugly inside your fireplace. They offer the ambience and heat without the ashes and soot. The live flames are every bit as enthralling as any wood fire, and with your brick chimney already in place, heat distribution is a given.

A free-standing furnace that you can gather around for fireside chats over coffee or wine can be a lovely style statement. Our mid-range Pit Fire series offers a variety of gas furnaces that have electronic ignition systems for instant lighting. They can be accessorised with pebbles, coals, or logs, though gas is still their source of fuel.

Pit Fires can be surrounded in glass if you wish, and the glass can rise 1600mm above floor level. Pit fires offer warmth and aesthetic value with a contemporary touch. They come in three shapes, and have five finishing options, from wood to stone.

A Close Look at Our Real Flame Gas Fireplace Series

Another interesting styling choice is to make your heater the literal centrepiece of your living space. Our Captiva Island furnace has three glass edges installed in a living room island pillar. It gives a gorgeous view of the flames from all directions and can be used to warm up multiple rooms on either side of its sconce. Heat extends up to 130m2, and the curved gas burners can be controlled by remote.

At Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we have a series of more than ten Real Flame gas heaters, each with multiple style options. Our made-in-Australia designs range from minimalistic modern stunners to scenic landscape displays. Visit our showroom or call us today on 1300 938 346 to get your choice of indoor and outdoor gas heating.