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Canadian company Pacific Energy has released a new range of gas heaters, these new gas heaters bring to Sydney the latest technology at an affordable price.

Mirage 18

This gas heater Sydney has been engineered to provide efficient and powerful heat for your home. This unit is more than just a heater it’s perfection. If you just want atmosphere, the Mirage can work without the fan, and on those cold nights when you want to heat your room, you can turn the fan up to 5 to blow warm air straight across your floor.

The Mirage 18 is designed to provide efficient and powerful heat in your home, the large aluminium finned heat exchangers give high performance heating while the floor level heat output provides optimum circulation and heat distribution.

    • Design your fire – Choose your flue style, choose your colour, choose your fire style – driftwood or Crystal fire.
    • Designed to perform – Your Mirage gas heater Sydney is more than just a gas log fire, from atmosphere to heat the Mirage does it all.
    • No more cold feet – Using a unique ground level convection output it provides perfect heat distribution. With a one touch programmable remote control, variable heat output and flame height you have complete control over appearance, heating and comfort.

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  • Style – The Mirage is available in 4 enamel colours –Ebony, Sunset Red, Ivory or Titanium.
  • Full remote control
  • Top or rear flue options
  • Performance – Using burner heat exchange to capture the heat and disperse into the room it uses up to 30% less gas

The Esprit

The Esprit gas fireplace will change the way you look at gas log fires. With a large formed steel heat exchanger and one touch programable remote control to give you quick and easy control over the heat, even at the lowest setting flames are rich and full and gently warm the room.

  • Designed to impress – This award-winning gas log fireplace is designed for homes who want to add that *wow* factor, without the associated price tag, simple to use and easy to install and packed with every feature you need.
  • Loaded with features – From running on flame only for ambiance or add heat via the 6-speed fan, the internal lights bring your heater to life.
  • Flames – You can choose between Drift Woof or Crystal, but you get to adjust the brightness (amount of yellow). No more pre-set flames, you are in total control.
  • Remote control – Giving you fan adjustment, lighting adjustment, flame and thermostat adjustment.
  • Design your fire – With 2 fire bed options and 3 fascia options, you can design your Esprit to be yours.
  • Heat Exchange to boost performance – with it’s built in heat exchange the Esprit only uses 31.5mJ of gas, but using a heat exchange you can boost that heat to over 8.9kW – that’s an impressive 90m2 of heating by a heater that uses 30% less gas than other heaters!