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It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t love pizza. Even the health-conscious can be seduced by a wholemeal gluten-free base and vegetable toppings. Of course, if you really want a healthy slice, you could make your own pizza at home. You can top it with organic, low-fat options. It’s also a fun way to use leftovers and bond as a family.

If you’d like to save all that cash, you use on delivery guys, tips, and pizza places, invest in a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven. Wood costs less than gas or electricity, and this type of oven is great for your alfresco kitchen. You can stack cushions or foldable seating where you can all gather and hang out while your pizza bakes. You can even install inbuilt concrete benches.

When you’re researching on pizza ovens, Sydney distributors will ask about the layout of your home, especially your yard. If you have an indoor-outdoor space, you need an oven with a flue. The chimney system will guide smoke out of the house, keeping the house safe from both fire and carbon monoxide. You might prefer an electric oven to reduce ash and soot.

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Alternatively, if you have an open backyard, patio, or a small balcony, you might want a portable pizza oven. You can wheel it out when you want to cook and keep it in storage the rest of the time. Mobile ovens are also helpful if your family enjoys camping trips and picnics. You can take the oven with you for piping hot outdoor goodies.

You could also make your choice based on style. Here at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we have a traditional and contemporary design. Both pizza oven lines have a domed shape and a flue, but our traditional ovens are made of concrete, clay, and plaster while our Wildfire series is made of stainless steel. All our pizza oven models are fuelled by wood.

Some homeowners prefer to install their pizza ovens on their own. In that case, buy yourself a DIY pizza oven. They come with clear instructions, diagrams, and construction tools. On the other hand, you can order a fully assembled oven and have it delivered ready-to-use.

Size matters as well. Depending on how often you bake and your household size, pizza ovens can be a hassle or a lifesaver. If it’s just you, you can get a small size. But if you’re a family person or a bachelor that frequently has the boys over, consider something bigger. Also, pizza ovens aren’t just for pizza. You can grill meat or make desserts in your oven.

Think about the dishes you prepare most frequently. If you’re partial to whole roasts or racks of ribs, look for an oven that can hold a wide load. Next, think about any extra features you might want. Would you like an inbuilt thermometer or a smoking chamber? Do you prioritise aesthetics or easy cleaning? Keep all this in mind as you shop for your oven.

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