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The lockdown has finally come to an end. There is no better way to celebrate getting back to our everyday lives than having family and friends over and sharing fresh homemade pizza prepared in your brand spanking new wood-fired pizza oven

Benefits of a Woodfired Pizza Oven 

The outdoor pizza oven has become a highly sought-after addition to the backyard kitchen. It adds style to your outdoor space and makes it possible to prepare restaurant-quality pizza. Here are some more reasons why you should invest this season: 

They get hot quickly 

The courtyard pizza oven heats up fast and gets much hotter than indoor ovens. Indoor ones only heat up to a maximum of 450°F, but the outdoor oven can reach up to 800°F within a short time. This means you can have your pizza ready within one to two minutes. 

The intense heat within the oven causes the bottom and edges of the pizza to get crispy almost instantly, sealing in the juices and preventing sogginess. 

They make the best pizza 

The radiant heat of the wood-fired pizza oven ensures you get the typical Italian pizza with a crusty bottom and an authentic flavour. You are assured of the signature smoky flavour. 

Wood-fired ovens are versatile 

Wood-fired ovens are versatile, as they are not only used for pizza. You can also prepare: 

  • Homemade bread 
  • Cakes for dessert 
  • Meat 
  • Vegetable roasts 
  • Stews 

They add nutritional value to meals 

Since these ovens cook fast, they help ensure that food is tastier and nutritious. Food made in the wood-fired pizza oven is not overcooked, which means it retains its nutritional value while also boosting the flavour of the food. 

Say goodbye to take-out when there’s a power outage 

No more worries about power-cuts; a wood-fired pizza oven will ensure that you enjoy a classic cooking experience off the grid. Just like woodburning heaters, which help provide warmth off the grid. 

Entertaining guests becomes more fun 

Having an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard is a sure-fire way to make entertaining your guests easy and pleasant. Food brings people together, and the outdoor kitchen is an excellent venue for socialising with friends and family. 

You can get all your guests to prepare their meals by choosing their preferred pizza toppings and designing their pizza. It will be great fun for everyone—guests enjoy the experience, and you spend less time slaving over the stove, leaving more time for socialising.

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Our Popular Courtyard Pizza Oven 

Wildfire Courtyard Pizza Oven

Wildfire Courtyard Pizza Oven
Wildfire Courtyard Pizza Oven

Traditional Courtyard Pizza Oven

Alfresco Traditional Courtyard  Pizza Oven
Alfresco Traditional Courtyard Pizza Oven

Simple Recipes to make in your oven

Tomato and basil pizza 

The classic Neapolitan pizza is best made in a wood-fired oven. The ingredients are: 

  • Pizza dough 
  • Raw/ cherry tomatoes 
  • Fresh basil 
  • A little olive oil 
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese 

Italian sausage pizza 

For this one, you’ll need: 

  • Pizza dough 
  • Italian sausage 
  • Pesto 
  • Feta cheese 
  • Bell pepper 

Beef pizza 

You’ll need: 

  • Pizza dough 
  • Ground beef 
  • Mozzarella cheese 
  • Green pepper 
  • Tomato sauce 

These pizzas cook quickly and have a great texture because they’re not weighed down with too many ingredients, which often make the pizza soggy. All you need to do is place your toppings and pop them into the oven. 

Final Thoughts 

Wood-fired pizza ovens are a worthy investment, trendy and host a range of benefits. Just make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions so that your pizza oven is safe to use and to prevent accidents or excessive smoke. 

Contact Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens to prepare for your season of summer celebrations. 

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