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Our 5 Decorative Heaters

Heaters offer a great way to keep your home warm during the winter and they come in a different variety of options. The popular ones include electric heaters, wood heaters, and gas heaters.

The question you probably like to find an answer to is; which heater is right for you? In this article, we explore 5 of our decorative heaters.

AL2500CLX2-G-AU Electric Heater
This is an impressive electric heater model that is designed for big spaces. It has a heating capacity of 42 square meters. Some of the features of the electric heater include the following:

Sleek remote control
240 …

Considering Your Best Gas Heater

Cleaning, servicing and maintaining gas heaters are essential for effective performance of the heaters. Dirt can hold up a smooth operation, waste gas and hinder safety. Cleaning the heater at least every two months and servicing it regularly, will give you the high efficiency you desire. It is good that you always refer to the user manual that comes with the heater; from there, you can learn how and when to clean your particular model of gas heater. The tips that will be shared here will also go a long way in helping you in the journey to ensure adequate …

Why you should service your wood heater in summer

When you own a wood-fired heater it is important that you have it serviced regularly. It’s that routine maintenance that will ensure your wood-fired heater will operate efficiently and not become a potential fire hazard.

Wood heaters and flues should be serviced annually by a licensed or registered mechanical service plumbing practitioner. Summer is the perfect time to have this maintenance performed, you are not using the heater, and it will ensure it will be ready for the upcoming winter or colder months.

Wood-fired heaters that are not maintained properly are a fire hazard if you do not have the heater …

Why Hosting Is a Breeze with an Outdoor Kitchen

Do you consider yourself an alfresco aficionado? Perhaps a BBQ master? Well, it might time to take your outdoor entertaining to the next the level with an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen will turn hosting fabulous outdoor dinner parties into a breeze and give your guests a firsthand experience of your kitchen wizardry.

Apart from the show off factor, they make outdoor cooking that much easier. No longer will you be darting in and out of the kitchen to check if the food is done, or to serve the next dish. All your gastronomy needs will be at your fingertips. This …

Why Summer Is a Good Time to Get Your New Fireplace Installed

Winter is done and dusted for another year and the warmer weather is beaming down and those chilly nights are all but a memory. For now, at least. It’s easy to forget the colder months while your pool side, rejoicing in the rays of the sun with your favourite book. But of course old man winter will be back next year and that’s why Summer is a good time to get your new wood fire heater installed. You will be ready and not caught unawares when Winter pokes it head around the corner. There are also many benefits …

Time To Check Your Flue

You love that roar and crackle of your wood-fired heater, but have you had your flue checked recently? If not, you could be putting your family’s safety at risk. Your wood fired heater should be checked once a year and the flue cleaned regularly by your local chimney sweep

Why you should always check your flue – before winter.

The more fires you build, the more creosote builds up in your flue. The flue is the channel within a fireplace that carries the smoke away from the fire and up and away from your house. The inside of your chimney, …

A close look at our Real Flame gas fireplace series

The concept of a fireplace is one that awakens both warmth and nostalgia. But we live in a technological world where old isn’t always gold. Sometimes, you want a little dose of new in your space, or at the very least, try a little mix-and-match decor. The beauty of modern gas furnaces is they can combine a traditional look with modern mechanics.

Wood fire heaters can give your house lovely ambience, but they are cumbersome to light, and they take a while to heat up. They can also be smoky, and they require extra storage space for your fuelling …

A fireplace adds value to your home

Thankfully we live in a country where having and being able to have an outside living space is a part of the Australian Dream. People connect with certain areas of their home. Recently the Napoleon Hot Spots Research asked 900 potential home buyers, what amenities they have in their current house, and what they would be looking for in their next home. When looking to buy, we all have set items in mind – what a house HAS to have, and what it would be NICE to have. Surprisingly, most of those surveyed said they would like to have an …

Outdoor heating – is it a luxury?

Using Sydney gas heaters in your backyard is no longer the luxury item you only saw at restaurants and bars. Outdoor heaters from Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens are showing up in the homes of more and more people and why not?

Outdoor patio heaters allow you to enjoy your backyard all year round, sitting outside of an evening is just restricted to summer and the warmer nights during autumn and spring. When you have an outdoor patio heater you can have BBQ’s and outdoor parties all year round!
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Gas Heaters VS Wood Fired heaters

It’s really starting to cool down now and sitting inside in front of a heater nice and warm of an evening is one of the best places to be. If you are thinking of buying a new gas heater or wood fire heater for your home there are big differences between the two, so you need to know what is the right style of heating for your home.

Today Sydney Heaters will look at the two most popular forms of home heating – wood fire heaters and gas heaters.

It depends on what you want from your heater …