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Gas heaters are gaining popularity among homeowners because of their numerous benefits. They are affordable, eco-friendly, efficient, and safer than other systems used for keeping homes warm during winter.

If you are currently using electricity or wood to keep your house warm when it is cold, you can save a significant amount of money by installing gas heaters. The best thing about natural gas is that it provides instant warmth, so you don’t have to wait for resistant coils to become warm or wood to light up.

Here are the top reasons why you should install gas heaters in your home.


In most countries, Australia included, it is cheaper to heat your home using gas than to pay for electricity. Modern gas heaters have more efficiency than older models, ensuring that you spend the least amount possible on utility bills.


Unlike electricity that is susceptible to outages, natural gas is reliable. This is because supply lines are installed underground, ensuring that they don’t get affected by adverse weather conditions and accidents. Provided you have the connection to the supply lines, your home will remain warm throughout, even if there is a blackout. Coincidentally, such outages tend to be more prevalent during winter.

Another factor that adds to gas heaters’ reliability is that the supply lines connect to your home directly. This is not the case when you use gasoline or propane, as you must wait for the delivery truck to reach your premises.

Also, gas heaters are long-lasting and reliable. If appropriately maintained, gas furnaces can last for up to 20 years. This is more than double the estimated lifetime of electric heaters, which is eight years.

Energy Efficiency

Producing natural gas requires less energy than producing electricity. To put this into perspective, only 30% of the energy used to produce electricity reaches your home, equating to a loss of 70%. Contrarily, only 10% of energy gets lost during the production of natural gas.

Furthermore, natural gas is by far the cleanest fossil fuel available for public consumption. It has lower carbon dioxide emissions than wood, oil, and coal.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary reasons why many homeowners use wood heaters is because of their classic looks.  Nowadays, you can emulate the timeless appearance of wooden ovens using gas heaters.


Compared to other heating fuels, natural gas is the healthiest option for your home. Burning gas produces minimal amounts of harmful products, such as dissolved solids and sulphur dioxide, which can hurt your family and pets’ wellbeing. And if you maintain it properly, it produces negligible or even zero amounts of carbon monoxide when combusting.

Increased Home Value

Installing a gas heating system can increase the perceived value of your home. If you talk to a realtor, they will tell you how much they like homes with gas heaters. The reason behind this bias is the efficiency, comfort, convenience, and affordability of natural gas.

To Sum It Up

Although you will likely spend a substantial amount of money during installation, probably more than you would if you opt for a wood-fired heater, gas furnaces have low ongoing running costs.  

At Sydney Heaters, we provide gas heater installation and maintenance services across the country at competitive rates.

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