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Summer is quickly approaching in Australia, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor entertainment events. Of course, the centre of any summertime gathering is the BBQ. For many Australians, summertime BBQs bring back fond memories of holidays and getting together with friends and family — and this year will be no different.

Before the season kicks off, however, make sure you know your BBQ basics. Whether you’re new to the grill or could just use a refresher, check out these top tips to rule the BBQ this summer.



Preheat the grill before cooking

Whether you’re using a charcoal or gas BBQ, you still need to make sure to preheat your grill correctly. Before putting any meat or veg on the grill, turn it on for 15 minutes before you intend to start cooking and allow it to heat up sufficiently. If you skip this step, your BBQ won’t get hot enough, and your food may stick to the grill or not cook evenly.


Remember to keep fuel on hand

Nothing can slow down a party like running out of fuel in the middle of grilling. Avoid this irritating dilemma by double-checking your supply before you invite your guests over.

To be safe, have more gas on hand than you anticipate needing. You’ll use it at some point during the summer season, and keeping too much available is a better option than having to send someone to the shop mid-party.


Keep your BBQ clean

No one wants to scrub their grill after an afternoon of entertaining. But keeping your BBQ tidy is essential to cooking your food properly and preventing you from getting sick. The easiest time to start cleaning is after you cook and while the grill is still warm.

Remember to thoroughly scrub your BBQ after each use, and schedule an annual deep clean to remove debris from lesser-used grill components. Completing regular maintenance will extend the life of your grill by preventing the build-up of fats, sauces, oils, rust, and other substances that can wreak havoc on your BBQ over time.


Don’t take your attention away from the BBQ

When you’re having a great time catching up with friends and family, it’s easy to get caught up in conversation and get distracted from the grill. However, you shouldn’t let your attention stray too much; food can burn quickly if you don’t watch it carefully.

Instead of chatting inside, ask friends and family to come outside and catch up while you manage the grill. You’ll be less likely to be distracted, and it will be easier to keep an eye on the food.

As summer draws closer, now is the time to prepare your BBQ for grilling season. Make sure your grill is cleaned thoroughly and you’ve got a sufficient amount of charcoal or gas. If you need to upgrade your old BBQ, check out vendors in your area to find companies that have a wide selection of grills, competitive prices and top-tier customer care.

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