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There is something quite romantic and soothing about a wood fire heater, watching wood burning in a fire seems to take you back to when life seemed a whole lot simpler. Watching those flames however isn’t the only benefit to owning a wood fire heater in your home.

Today more and more people are considering a wood burning stove over other forms of heating and here’s why.

  • A wood fire heater is cost effective. It’s expensive using electricity to warm your home during winter – so using wood is much cheaper.
  • It’s better for the environment – it might seem strange to say that burning wood – from trees – is environmentally friendly, but depending on where you find your wood source it is. Wooden logs and pellets are far better for the environment than an electric heater is. Firewood is often sourced from tree plantations and the trees removed are constantly being replaced with new trees. This not only reduces your carbon footprint, it’s good for the producers as well. How efficient your firewood is depends on the moisture content of the wood? The dryer the wood the less smoke burning wood emits. If possible use wood that has been dry for at least a year – two years if possible so the moisture content is 20% or below. Hardwoods such as oak will take longer to dry out than your soft woods like pine.

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  • You are not paying rising and crippling energy bills. On those cold winter nights, it’s comforting to know you are not adding to your electricity bill, you get to enjoy the warmth and know you don’t have to worry about paying a higher electricity bill in the next billing cycle. If you own a large home, those savings can be massive. On those nights when a power outage may occur, at least you know you can stay warm until power is restored.
  • Wood burning heaters are a great *focal* point for your room. From a traditional home to a modern home the right fireplace can look amazing.
The Advantages of Using a Wood Fire

When looking to add a fireplace to your home ask yourself –

  • Do you want the fireplace to blend into the design of your room, or do you want it to stand out?
  • The room the fireplace is being installed – what do you use the room for? Is it a small cosy room where everyone gathers at the end of the day to relax? Or is it a bigger open space?
  • Do you want your fireplace to be the main feature of the room, or are you wanting a fireplace that’s a more *secondary* style feature?

Contact Sydney Heaters today to find the right wood fire heater for your home and for your needs to ensure you stay nice and warm this winter.

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