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When people are looking for a gas heater in Sydney – why are they turning to *Real Flame*?

When it comes to fireplace heating design and manufacture Real Flame are industry leaders. The very latest safety devices are incorporated into each fireplace design, including oxygen depletion systems and flame failure. All Real Flame fireplaces are finished using the highest quality materials, with a range to suit any home – from modern to classic.

What are the advantages of using a gas fireplace?

  • Constant heat
  • No ashes or flyaway
  • You don’t have to buy, or chop firewood
  • Your fire can be turned on and off at the flip of a switch
  • Large range of designs
  • You can save up to 25% on your power bills
  • Remote control options are available
  • There is no creosote build-up to clean
  • With integrated flue systems a brick chimney isn’t needed
  • Fireban safe
  • Safe for kids as the heat is controllable
  • Warmer than traditional fireplaces
  • Cheaper installation costs than a traditional fireplace

Reasons to choose Real Flame

  • Exuro Outdoor Gas Heater – will not only look fantastic in an outdoor entertaining area, or alfresco area it brings warmth to your parties. Thanks to a sleek look with optional stainless steel or black bevelled trims it will certainly impress. The Exuro can be built into any environment to suit the surrounding finishes and as it doesn’t need a flue you don’t have to worry about finding the right location for it. The signature range has cutting edge design allowing flexibility in design, you can add glass to one, two or three sides of the Double Vision, Elegance, Pure Vision or Simplicity models, making it an incredible centrepiece for the home or office. Designed and built in Australia, this gas heater in Sydney is decorative, contemporary, Natural Gas or LPG, with electronic ignition and the ability to use pebbles or coals and logs.
  • Magiglo – this is an easy to install burner suitable for existing fireplaces. Transform your old fireplace to the convenience and cleanliness of gas. Designed and built in Australia, with a range of styles and finishes available, a simple and cost-effective way to stay warm in winter with the option to use LPG or natural gas.
  • Landscape – this high efficiency double glazed fireplace is stunning, available as a 100 model for medium to large areas and a massive 1600 model for extra large spaces. Both fireplaces have impressive heating capabilities but are still economical to run. Features include remote control, modulating burner, an auto two speed fan with programmable timer and electronic ignition. Researched, designed and built in Australia, with a double-glazed front and balanced flue, laser cut ribbon burner with your choice of vertical or horizontal configurations.