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With winter upon us, now is the best time to upgrade or get yourself a heater. Fireplaces simultaneously warm your home and add style and character to it. Electric fireplaces in particular, are becoming the modern alternative to gas and wood fireplaces– and for good reason. For one, they’re less messy and require limited maintenance. There’s no need to deal with cleaning left-over ash, purchasing special tools, or connecting to a gas line. Without the vapour buildup that other heaters acquire, they also last longer.

Here are the top advantages of going electric with your heater:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Electric fireplaces offer a tasteful focal point to any room and set a unique ambience. There are many options to choose to suit any household. Here are our top picks:

The Landscape Fullview 3 Meter is perfect for a home with a sleek and modern look. With no external framing, the flames run completely from one edge to the other. LED technology brings them to life.

For incredibly real-looking flames, the Optimyst Electric Fire is a fantastic pick. It uses special ultrasonic technology to add to the appearance of smoke and catch the viewer’s eye.

Last but not least, the Ignite XL Electric Fire creates dancing flames with its patented flame technology. It also serves up several different flame colour themes which are truly fun and engaging.


Electric fireplaces save you installation costs. Wood burning heaters often require construction on your home and building a chimney and fireplace. Gas fireplaces require setting up a gas line and venting. Electric fireplaces, on the other hand, come with no such extra needs.

Additionally, electric fireplaces are great for supplemental heating. That means you can crank up the heat in just the room you’re in without raising the temperature of the whole house. This method is known to save energy costs: electric heaters cost.


While heating with wood requires putting logs on the fire and taking them off to adjust the heat, electric fireplaces simply require the click of a button. Most even come with a remote control that you can operate from your sofa.


If safety is a main concern for your family, an electric fireplace is your best option. Burning logs inside the home with a wood heater is certainly a fire hazard. But an electric heater creates no corrosive materials, flying embers, or fumes. You need not worry about household members inhaling dangerous smoke, or getting carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, the exterior glass remains cool to the touch so no one will get burned. This safety feature is especially important if you have pets and/or children.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric heaters use up little energy and do not produce toxic waste as some other heaters may. They also don’t lose much of their heat the way wood and gas fireplaces can. They also don’t use up natural resources, like wood, or fossil fuels, they’re simply more efficient.

Make sure to choose a well-trusted good quality electric heater, like the ones offered here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens. Call 1-300-938-346 for further inquires or for assistance in choosing the right electric fireplace for you and your space. Or send us an enquiry online! We are more than happy to help. We also provide installation and maintenance services when you need them.

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