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A woodfired pizza oven is an excellent centrepiece when entertaining your guests outdoors. You can host a wide variety of events by simply modifying your décor and themes. In this article, we will touch on five amazing ideas that you can use when hosting guests around your wood fired pizza oven.

pizza oven

1.     Pizza Birthday Party

Pizza is a versatile balanced dish that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Serving pizza takes away the challenge of making separate dishes for adults and children. This also reduces your preparation time and gives you ample time to enjoy the party.

Hosting a party outdoors means that you don’t need to worry about the mess the kids may make. They can run around freely and enjoy themselves.

2.     Pizza Pool Party

A pizza pool party is an exciting way to entertain your guests. You can use an exciting theme such as ‘a day on a tropical island’. Arranging palm branches and coconuts around your oven can enhance the theme.

You can also set up an extra toppings buffet to suit your theme. At your pizza pool party, you could lay out a range of coveted toppings for your guests to choose freely. You can use either conventional or non-conventional toppings. Conventional toppings include cheese, tomatoes and sausages. Non-conventional toppings could include tropical fruit, eggs, cookies and chocolate and more.

3.     Host a Pizza Cooking Class

Building a woodfired pizza oven in your backyard means you know a thing or two about making pizza. You can invite a few friends and family over to teach them how to make pizza. It is always great to learn something new in a relaxed enjoyable environment.

You can take advantage of the session and hire a trained pizza chef to run the class so that you can also learn. Your friends and family may enjoy the class more if you are also learning with them. The chef may even teach you new ways to maximize the output of your woodfired pizza oven.

4.     BBQ and Pizza Party

At first glance, a BBQ and pizza party may sound like a strange combination. Yet, it is made very easy by using a woodfired pizza oven. This arrangement will bring both pizza and bbq lovers to the party.

Your pizza oven can help you save time and prepare both dishes seamlessly. If your oven is big enough, you can prepare both dishes at the same time. However, you may need a grill rack which has stands to raise the BBQ meat off the oven floor.

This method also saves energy because you can use the same amount of firewood to prepare two meals, pizza and BBQ.

5.     Graduation Party

You can host a graduation party for your kid’s class around your woodfired pizza oven. Students can never say no to pizza.

Pizza allows you to serve any number of people with ease. You don’t need dishes or cutlery for every guest when serving pizza since most people use their hands. The graduation party can be an informal party where you can invite your colleagues to advise the graduates and answer any of their questions.

There are many more entertaining ideas you can use around your pizza oven. You can even host parties in the colder winter months because the oven emits enough heat to warm your guests. Sydney Heaters are leading suppliers of traditional, wildfire and modern woodfired pizza ovens in Australia. You should consider contacting them if you are ready to have them design and install your woodfired pizza oven.

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