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As warmer months, longer days, and festive holidays approach, now is the perfect time to up your alfresco game. Outdoor dining and entertaining is a beautiful way to make the most of Sydney’s glorious weather. The good news is that it’s easy to get your outdoor space ready to entertain guests with these three tips.

1.   Outdoor heating

All year-round, outdoor heating is a wonderfully luxurious yet affordable way to ensure you and your guests remain comfortable enough to sip sundowners as the breeze picks up, or the sun dips behind the horizon. Outdoor heaters in Sydney will keep your friends enjoying your garden, patio or courtyard long into the night. They also allow you to use and enjoy your outdoor spaces and connect with nature all year round.

A firepit adds wood-burning whimsy to your outdoor space. Depending on your area, however, this may not be an appropriate or practical option. Gas or electric heating alternatives are brilliant smoke-free and accessible outdoor heating options for consistent cosiness. Your guests will feel comfortably warm and relaxed.

2.   WOW diners and cook under the stars

An outdoor woodfired pizza oven will give lazy Tuscan holiday vibes to your garden! Whether you’re cooking a romantic dinner for two or hosting a crowd, a woodfired pizza adds that special touch to your dining experience and creates a wonderfully festive yet cosy atmosphere to your outdoor space. You’ll soon have a waitlist of friends and family wanting to attend your alfresco pizza parties!

If you think that you’ll tire of pizza (if that’s even possible), then think again. Woodfired ovens are fantastic for cooking a vast range of recipes, from roasts to breads and desserts. It’s the perfect way to cook up a feast out of the confines of the kitchen, in the fresh air, and amongst your guests as you mingle and host!

Another great addition for alfresco dining is an outdoor kitchen. Designed to create a streamlined and luxurious feel, they elevate the traditional Aussie BBQ. Basic outdoor kitchens usually include a built-in barbeque, benchtop and storage. You can fully customise your outdoor kitchen to include luxury materials, wine and beer fridges, sinks, range hoods and more. An outdoor kitchen is an entertainer’s dream and lends itself perfectly to Australia’s gorgeous climate and relaxed way of life.

If you’re limited on space, budget or perhaps you’re renting, then don’t look past the good ol’ BBQ option. There are some incredibly beautiful BBQ designs on the market, so you won’t have to compromise on style. The Morsø Forno Gas not only has basic gas grill functions but also contributes wonderfully to your outdoor environment with its minimalist design and sure touch.

3.   Add twinkle

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t view the twinkle of festoons or fairy lights enticing and enchanting. Adding festive lighting to your outdoor space can easily and affordably transform the entire ambience. An average family dinner becomes a cherished family memory. Simple string lights can create an array of atmospheres – romantic, festive, magical, celebratory or make you feel like you’re on a tropical holiday!

There are a number of lighting options to suit any budget and outdoor space. If you have an electrical outlet outside, you’ll be able to install more permanent lighting options. However, there are many battery or solar operated options for outdoor garden lights on the market.

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and with a great outdoor cooking option, comfortable heating and a twinkle of lights, it will soon become the favourite room of the house. Contact Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens today to view their incredible range of products.

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