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Why people are adding a wood fire pizza oven to their outdoor kitchens

The warmth of a wood fire pizza oven is just *something else* there is an amazing feeling when one is in use. People are adding wood fired pizza ovens to their outdoor kitchens because these ovens are not just an investment they offer a very unique cooking experience that delivers mouth-watering results – these ovens are more than just pizza ovens.
Pizza ovens offer a unique flavour, and this style of oven offers a different way of cooking that has been in use for many generations – and – for a good reason. Pizzas aren’t just the only thing you …

The Pacific Energy range of gas heaters

Pacific Energy is a Canadian company specialising in a range of gas heaters. These heaters are affordable and most importantly are full of all the latest technology. For anyone looking for gas heaters in Sydney, you need to take a look at some of the Pacific Energy range.
A Mirage gas log fire is a lot more than just a gas log fire, and it’s actual perfection. On those warmer nights when you want to use your fire for *atmosphere* the Mirage can work without the fan on. On nights when it is cold, turn the 5-speed fan up …

A close look at the Kobok range

Why are in-built heaters such a popular renovation choice for wood fire heaters in Sydney? Well, they warm up your home and give it a complete make-over, promising dramatic results. Most refurbishments include a new colour scheme or swapped furniture but installing an in-built literally transforms your home.
In-builts are also a handy trick for newer buildings. As housing needs expand and available spaces diminish, there’s a need for smaller homes and apartments to meet demand, especially in urban areas. But just because you live in a flat doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a stylish furnace. In-builts allow builders to …