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Get Outside This Winter with Outdoor Heating

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that you have to go hiding inside all winter, locking yourself away like Rapunzel in her tower. Are you serious?! Get out there and enjoy yourself outside – all you need is to warm up a little bit, and outdoor heating is the ideal solution to save you from any over the top chill.
Australian winters are mild, by anyone’s standards. If you’ve ever headed across to Europe during the winter time, then you’ll know just how easy we have it. In Sydney, you can expect temperatures on average in winter to …

Looking After Your Gas heater

If you’re looking for a wide selection of gas heaters, Sydney is the place to be. Our showrooms at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens have nearly fifteen gas heaters, ranging from Exuro outdoor models to Real Flame Heatseekers that fit flush into the wall. Gas heaters offer numerous advantages including style, temperature control, and instant ignition. Plus you don’t have to worry about smoke, emissions, sparks, ashes, or bulky fuel logs. Gas heaters often come with artificial kindling to mimic wood fires.
The other benefit of gas heaters is they require little to no maintenance, though you do need …

All about Real Flame Gas Fireplace Series

When people are looking for a gas heater in Sydney – why are they turning to *Real Flame*?

When it comes to fireplace heating design and manufacture Real Flame are industry leaders. The very latest safety devices are incorporated into each fireplace design, including oxygen depletion systems and flame failure. All Real Flame fireplaces are finished using the highest quality materials, with a range to suit any home – from modern to classic.
What are the advantages of using a gas fireplace?

Constant heat
No ashes or flyaway
You don’t have to buy, or chop firewood
Your fire can be turned on and off at the …