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Gas Heaters VS Wood Fired heaters

It’s really starting to cool down now and sitting inside in front of a heater nice and warm of an evening is one of the best places to be. If you are thinking of buying a new gas heater or wood fire heater for your home there are big differences between the two, so you need to know what is the right style of heating for your home.

Today Sydney Heaters will look at the two most popular forms of home heating – wood fire heaters and gas heaters.

It depends on what you want from your heater …

The advantages of using a wood fire

There is something quite romantic and soothing about a wood fire heater, watching wood burning in a fire seems to take you back to when life seemed a whole lot simpler. Watching those flames however isn’t the only benefit to owning a wood fire heater in your home.
Today more and more people are considering a wood burning stove over other forms of heating and here’s why.

A wood fire heater is cost effective. It’s expensive using electricity to warm your home during winter – so using wood is much cheaper.
It’s better for the environment – it might seem strange …

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