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Christmas Holiday Notice

Christmas Holiday Notice

Sydney Heaters will be closed for the Christmas holidays from the 23rd of December 2016 to the 2nd of January 2016.

We will be open on the 22nd of December until 4pm and reopening on the 3rd of January 9am.

How to Easily Maintain Your Pizza Oven

Just as with any household appliance regular maintenance of your wood fire pizza oven is important, even just by removing cobwebs from the top of the dome is enough to keep your pizza oven clean. The centre of the oven is the *heart* of your wood fire pizza oven as this is where your pizza is cooked so you do need to keep that area tidy. Any dirt or dust that has been trapped inside will affect the taste of your pizza.
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There are three ways to …

Some Decor Ideas for Your Dining Area to Compliment Your Pizza Oven

Why would you just cook with your pizza oven, when you can make it a point of focus in your outdoor area? The cozier and more functional the area around your pizza oven, the more likely you are to want to cook outside and take advantage of your oven more often! Not only is it great for entertaining, your pizza oven is great for outdoor cooking for your family on a nightly basis too.

Check out these great décor ideas to make the most of your space.


Installing A Pizza Oven is So Easy!

Installing a pizza oven is so easy, the Alfresco wood fire pizza ovens range can be installed for you, or, all three models come in very easy to use, do it yourself kits. Cooking in a wood fire pizza oven is without a doubt one of life’s greatest pleasures. Few things compare to building your own wood fire pizza oven and then watching as the flames grow heating the oven dome, feeling that heat on your face and then cooking some of the world’s best – not only pizzas, but breads and even roasts as well….