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How to Choose a Wood Heater

Wood heaters are an excellent way to heat your Sydney home in the cold of winter. We all know that when we’re in the depths of another cold snap that a little fan heater is just not going to cut it. When we’re in the throes of one of our world famous storms we want to keep warm and stay inside at all costs.


Wooden Heaters Sydney


A wood heater is a great option to heat up not only one room, but potentially your whole home. Here’s what you need to consider before making the …

Home Chef: Why You Need a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood Fire Pizza Oven


If there’s a person in this world who doesn’t like pizza, then we’ve yet to meet them. Sure, there’s those who skip cheese because they’re lactose intolerant, replace the tomato sauce with a creamy base instead, or go for a gluten free dough, but we think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t like pizza in at least some variation!


The problem with a lot of pizza is that it’s not made very well. Maybe you think Tony skimped on the toppings a little this time, the …